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What a Brand Audit is and Why You Should Do One

The word audit can often have a negative connotation, but it can actually be a really good thing. Here we are discussing brand audits and why every business should do them.

What is a Brand Audit

A brand audit is not just about reviewing the visual aspects of your brand, although the visual elements are a big part of it.  A large part of the brand audit also includes what we call UX or the User Experience. This is a predominantly digital term however it also applies to the analog or “real world” experience your clients and potential clients have when interacting with your business.

By taking a good look at the outside world’s perception of your business, you can gain valuable insights into how to better serve your clients, play up your strengths, and address your weaknesses before they cost you clients. A brand audit also benefits you, as the business owner, by helping you to understand your motivations and ensuring that what you’re presenting and how you’re operating aligns with your values.

What to Expect

Brand audits can range from super simple to incredibly in depth.

A simple audit would examine visual presence consistency and general accuracy and functionality of your website.  Do all your links work? Are your logo and messaging consistent across social media and any place that your business is represented, both online and in the real world? How easy is it to find your company on search engines and social media platforms?

A comprehensive brand audit takes into account all aspects of UX.This includes having a neutral third party interview your clients to determine how they are experiencing your service and what their overall honest impression is of your company. This type of audit would also review your company mission and values statements, survey employees to gauge company culture, and also review all visual branding elements and advertising. This process is meant to delve into how you are showing up in the world and whether that is consistent with what you value and want to convey.

As you can see, taking the time to do a self audit or hiring a firm to conduct a more in depth audit is beneficial because it’s a check in to be sure you’re on track and not wasting efforts.  Make sure your marketing dollars are working for you and not inadvertently against you.

Want to learn how to do a self audit of your business?

We’re hosting a workshop, Tuesday, June 5.

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