Cocktails with the Krewe Episode 7

Cultural Traditions (Part 1)

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We have lots of traditions here in New Orleans, but we don’t have the corner on the fun wedding tradition market.
Guests Rena Sweeney from Alchemy Events and Manish Patel from Tava Indian Street Food, join hosts Jessica Burke and Jessica Talazac to tell us more about wedding traditions from around the world.
We discover just how many similar traditions and symbols there are across cultures and look at some taboos and challenges that have to be navigated when bringing traditions to new areas.
Grab a drink (preferably our cocktail of the day the Raspberry-Aperol Spritz) and get ready to learn more about wedding traditions from around the world!
Watch the video here or tune in on iTunes.

Scroll down for the Cocktail of the Day recipe, Raspberry-Aperol Spritz, courtesy of our sponsors Republic Nola.

Hosts: Jessica Burke, New Orleans Weddings Magazine + Jessica Talazac,  Republic NOLA |
Production: Ellen Kramer, Four Doors Consulting + Brian Jarreau, Brian Jarreau Photography |
Featured Guests: Rena Sweeney, Alchemy Events + Manish Patel, Tava Indian Street Food

Cocktails with the Krewe Episode 7: Cultural Traditions Part 1 from The Wedding Krewe on Vimeo.

Drink Recipe Episode 7 CWTK Raspberry Aperol Spritz


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